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Real Name: oz the wizard of
Nickname: oz Clanmember
Age: 03.02.1985 (35 years)
Gender: male
Location: United Kingdom gilston
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Clan / Equipment
Clan: n/a
(HP: n/a)
Irc-Channel: n/a
Clan-History: n/a
CPU: today im using a i7 2700k
Mainboard: asus pro gen 3
RAM: 12GB 1600
Hard drive: shity
Monitor: 6
Graphics card: 750ti boost sli with 440 and internal
Soundcard: presonus studio live 16 0 2
Headset: rode k2 and sony mdr 1A se leather
I-Connection: shity
Keyboard: the one without beer in it(now with beer)
Mouse: technet m009mk2
Mousepad: drum mute
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