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As some of you know, Shooter has recently undergone his second load of treatment for cancer which (thank God) went very well and he is now well on the road to recovery, Awesome News! Unfortunately this has meant that we have had to put this months LAN on hold until further notice to allow Shooter to fully recover

We hope that you will understand , get well soon Andy.


Fast approaching is the Outcasts first LAN of 2019 which will be kicking off 25th to 29th April and once again we will be blessed by our fabulous host Shooter (whom will spend most of the LAN stuck in the kitchen doing his best Gorden Ramsey impression) with 4 days of gaming heaven in literally THE best man-cave you're ever gonna see.

I am finally starting to upload the photos i have from each LAN, you can find them in the Gallery

If you haven't already, get your name down here NOW!

The OCG biannual LAN has been and gone!! The final event for 2018 is now over and those that attended have all but recovered from 4 days of extreme gaming, drinking and EATING!!
I think i speak for everyone in saying that this important part of the OcG calendar would not be possible without the 5 star hospitality of .OcG|Shooter. Hats off to you mate. smile

Plans are already in place to organise 2019's first LAN event. Dates will (of course) be around the same time 25th to 29th April 2019. Get your name down!

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