offline Úlfur Newbie
22.12.2018, 0:17
Hey guys and girls!

I wonder how many of you remember me, I do remember most of you.
Joined when I was like, 14 or something, I remember getting English lessons from Viper himself .
Changed my name from WolvenSpirit to Úlfur.

Been rather busy with life since, study, driver license and all that however with the Holidays and everything settling down I have some more time.

Recently bought BF V and joined up with Viper and Pain to play again, thought I'd at least sign up again wink

I play tons of games tho;
- Battlefield
- War Thunder, CSGO, etc etc etc

Feel free to add me/message me on:
Origin: Ulfur-the-Wolf
Teamspeak: Úlfur

Happy to be back!

TL;DR: I took a long LoA and I'm back!
offline PAIN Administrator
23.12.2018, 0:47
welcome back my m8 smiling
offline ViP3R Administrator Founder
23.12.2018, 0:57
Ha welcome back buddy was fun killing them !
offline cMc Administrator
12.01.2019, 19:02
Hey Wolven...sry Ulfur, welcome back mate.
offline spoony Administrator Founder
12.02.2019, 0:09
Welcome back man, wow you were like the lil bro of OcG last time i spoke to you smiling

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