offline Teecho Newbie
16.11.2018, 9:00
I don't know if it is a suitable forum, if not, please forgive me. I want to have a discussion here.
Gaming on a laptop or desktop computer is one the most discussed topics amongst intending, beginning and also veteran gamers who have been gaming only on laptops or on desktops for a very long time.

Are gaming on laptops and gaming-desktops the same thing or are there differences that could facilitate a change in a machine? Are the differences between gaming laptops and gaming desktops enough to result in a preference? Should you get a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop?

Update: These are some of the most common problems for gamers, I found the answer from this article, which provides a very comprehensive comparison. Anyone can read this article:

offline ViP3R Administrator Founder
17.11.2018, 22:40
i would say most of us Game on Gaming Pc's

never really been for for gaming on a laptop as the screen size is always too small for me!

offline .OcG|A-Shooter Administrator Founder
23.11.2018, 0:19
Ive had both
i once had a high end gaming laptop 17.5" screen was about 14 years ago cost £1700 was no slouch played everything but compaired to a PC it didnt cut the mustard for me

Gaming PC all the way for me from now
offline Saunuolis77
11.12.2018, 14:33
Gaming PC smiling
offline ruthra Newbie
17.03.2020, 13:10

I feel like desktop can be the better option because of it's more memory space, screen display, even you can construct a top-grade gaming system from scratch and also easy to upgrade.

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