offline Danny This is my second post
13.04.2018, 11:06
Folks! I am a gaming geek. I have been playing games for a long time. I have been trying to install Counter-Strike Global Offensive on my PC but the configuration of my PC is not sufficient to support that game that might be due to the built-in graphics card which is very low. I have been searching for the best SSD for Gaming that can support Counter Strike GO on my PC. I have come across the list of SSD for gaming, but I am not sure which one should I opt out.
Here are the two SSD cards that I think would be the most suitable for me.
Samsung 960 Pro
MyDigitalSSD 120GB
offline ViP3R Administrator Founder
15.04.2018, 1:37
can't go wrong with a samsung!
offline Till Administrator
16.04.2018, 9:57
Samsung all the way lol
I would look at getting a graphics card although not the best time to buy one as you will still struggle to play the game on igpu even with a ssd
offline lauren29 This is my second post
29.05.2018, 4:49
Samsung SSD 850 EVO is great, I highly recommend it. You can look at the introduction of this article:
offline lauren29 This is my second post
04.06.2018, 4:35
Has your problem been solved?

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