offline oz
14.11.2017, 21:29
i have added the forest to the collection of dedicated servers i'm running
it is currently running on normal no zeds
we have non destructible buildings on and 10% tree regrowth active
it is called []z password 1
you are welcome to come join anytime

offline ViP3R Administrator Founder
14.11.2017, 22:58
ok Oz nice one we have a few of us who play The Forest "

will definitely try this !
offline oz
15.11.2017, 9:36
sweet it is up 24/7
and now has zeds on at night

if people haven't played on a dedicated server before there is a fantastic exploit

only save on the server when you have added to your inventory
all map saving is done in 15min intervals
so if you have a rock(chainsaw,snack...) in your inventory and you save
that "rock" will be obviously in your inventory
then if you place that "rock" on whatever structure your building or shelf/weapons rack
now that "rock" is the servers responsibility to save
so if you do not save but just exit to main menu
and then load back in you of course load the inventory you saved
and that "rock" will be in both places
this way we can replicate chainsaws axes or any other item you can have in your inventory
(except non shareable items)
offline oz
29.11.2017, 14:36
server is now running on hard
with building destruction off
we have 1 save point in our base
you are welcome to build what ever (just not on my doorstep lol)
if you can survive

to help with that there is a colection of weapons including chainsaws in our base along with food water and all the usual crap

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