offline Remix24
21.10.2017, 0:18
Hello guys,

I am selling two brand new unopened MSI 1080 Gaming X for £470 Inc Postage (Only to the UK, difference for international delivery must be paid. UK delivery will cost me £11)

Please let me know Via reply here if you are interested. Once again these are brand new and unopened.

Thank you.

offline Remix24
25.10.2017, 18:50
Price reduced to £460 inc postage.
offline Remix24
28.10.2017, 13:52
Reduced further to £441 inc Postage
offline Sizza Administrator
07.11.2017, 18:52
Price is for one or both? I assume one.
Also, still available? I might have someone who is interested but idk.
offline Remix24
07.11.2017, 21:55
Price is for one mate smiling I've sold the other one

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