offline cMc Administrator
12.08.2017, 10:41
Need help on choosing a new SSD, 1TB, affordable, best price/quality match,

Also need help on transferring data from old SSD to new one.

SSD is full, only have a 120GB.
offline PAIN Administrator
12.08.2017, 11:02
in my gaming rig: win10 on 256gb samsung evo & my games on 2 x crucial 500gb mx200 /mx300 had the mx 200 for 3 years and still going strong

are u transferring your os ie windows ?? or just your games
offline Till Administrator
12.08.2017, 11:14
Try samsung to be fair to them they are the best for speed
And for transfering it all it comes with soft ware to clone the drive over
Has your motherboard got a pcie slot for the latest drives?
offline cMc Administrator
12.08.2017, 11:50
cool, i had already thought about the samsung evo 1TB

yh, OS is going on to it, aswell as space for other stuff, will eventually get another one to separate media from everything else.

if it has software to transfer everything that will be perfect, i need one click stuff that does it all for me smiling
offline ViP3R Administrator Founder
12.08.2017, 15:20
Cant go wrong with the Samsung SSD i have 1 and do like it but tbo i can't notice a speed difference between My kingston HyperX ssd

offline cMc Administrator
14.08.2017, 21:46
So, my motherboard is quite old, just want to check that i'm not going to buy an SSD that's not gonna work with it,

MotherBoard : Asus P8Z68-V Gen. 3 iZ68, SATA600 RAID, USB3.0

New SSD :

you will have to translate the page to English.
offline Till Administrator
15.08.2017, 0:33
Yep that will be fine it will fit yr board no probs looks a good buy
offline cMc Administrator
15.08.2017, 9:45
Cheers mate.

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