offline Till Administrator
09.12.2017, 13:12
just realized that you mite have locked the fps in the project settings so its packed at 62fps
have a look in project setting> General settings
see if that helps
won't help with fps drops but may make them less noticeable
offline Till Administrator
09.12.2017, 21:30
When inspecting a frame it looks like its loading aug , sniper and scar view from there sights its capturing four scenes in every frame its a third of the frame overheads
You also have almost 12 million vertex count being called in every frame (prob the environment i'e rain lighting).

hope that helps
offline oz
11.12.2017, 22:19
frame rate smoothing is on with a hard top at 62fps. yes that's true probably should have mentioned that one! whoops!
also i think its running textures at full level not using auto gen lods for them but i have to do more research on that

i set the weapons sights to be created on being picked up/dropped they shouldn't be loading until there in a players hands and then it should remove them at the point the weapon is dropped so its all done client side when you trade weapons with a team mate/pickup an enemy weapon.
so yeah that's strange

secondly wow that's a lot of vertices yeah ill double check why there are so many i think its probably due to overlapping uv's on the building meshes.
i think that has been solved with the new mesh generation system. yay

i have a new system that will help with landscapes vertices as it tessellates at different levels depending on the player distance (all client side of course)

as always many thanks
offline oz
24.12.2017, 11:09
OK i have got the object culling working with the volumetric fog and l.o.d system(i had to build 3-4 l lod for 250ish models lol)
the vert numbers should have dropped to 1/3 if not less (i think its more like 1/20)

all scopes now create 2d capture on owner change/pickup and destroy on owner change/drop

frame rate smoothing and max frames are now off so we should see hi-end systems looking amazing

nice new big map with lots of buildings and the moving wall of death is back. so players are now forced into contact with other teams as the round progresses

reverted back to old ue4 mannequin instead of the not working guy i had before

swimming water is all working but still no swim animation so it will look goofy in MP for the moment

wall running is back in so you can get around a bit quicker( wall run along and up with wall jump)

i have been working on a climbing system that will include ledge, ladder and hold climbing as well as ledge catching

i have it all working in a separate project but am struggling to get it implemented

i need to re work the animation blueprint to get both the swimming, longer jump animation and climbing working together

just adding some decals to make it feel more real

new version up some time over the next few days(hopefully just after boxing day)

merry middle of winter and a happy new year to all
offline oz
13.01.2018, 11:20
first things first many thanks to till for all the help.

so some of the bits i was using to base the game on were crap i mean really really crap!

i have started again from a blank, making the movement and "feel" the main goal, so far ive got all the movement and animations working smoothly.

next is to get the weapons back in and sighted

this time it will play as smooth as the popes balls (he tweezers)

till is working on the buildings and they look awesome.

so give us a while and we will be back with a playable game

many thanks whoever is reading


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