offline oz
31.10.2017, 9:03
already done and I'm so glad you couldn't tell
it drops nearly 90% triangles at around 20m

good suggestion tho

offline oz
31.10.2017, 22:46
think i figured the glitching textures out the distance meshes where building as one sided with a low light map size(64)
upped to 2048 to test and yup that did it
just gotta tweak it back down as low as makes sense

offline oz
06.11.2017, 10:50
till add me on steam []z
if you have time for a chat and a test let me know on steam
ill have another version up as soon as i can get the god damn thing to run

cheers again buddy

offline oz
13.11.2017, 21:25
the reason for the lack of updates is that i couldn't make it work after moving to ue4.18
i have fixed it
it was a missing c++ symbol library
so there will be an update soon hopefully taking advantage of the new tools and toys in 4.18
offline ViP3R Administrator Founder
13.11.2017, 23:09
offline oz
29.11.2017, 14:25
OK so its nearly a game

massive amount of performance tweaks
new small test map
added weather inc. snow rain hail lightning ,screen rain/freezing effect, surface weather interactions
accuracy now set per gun with random offset to the correct amount by actual gun stats

offline Till Administrator
08.12.2017, 13:10
after testing version.19 a couple of things i have noted.

1. fps still seems to be an issue with me it ranges from 63fps down to 32fps using 92%of gpu but really not sure why cpu at 21%
2. Ai zeds don,t seem to preform as i would expect ie, when shooting 1 and move away they all gather together.
3. zed gun shooting sound carries on even though you have stopped shooting (mite be looped)
4. Aug gun site does not work.
5.When using the sites on the gun they don,t seem to be a realistic view ie, site to far away from eye
6.Animation of reload, hand is off the gun.
7.not really looked at the map and menu as this is only a test map

I like the environment that works quite good shame it gives a unreal glare on things but thats more to do with the material of buildings etc

offline oz
08.12.2017, 18:06
OK so the zed gun is silent it only makes impact noise
the zeds will move toward any hurt zed i.e. they scream(i haven't got a sound for that yet)
the looping sound when you die is a bug that will be fixed

the reason it is using so much GPU is that it is set to cinematic quality if you press esc then options you can use the new scalability settings

good to know its so low on CPU

Aug is just being a bitch i fixed that just after the upload

ill tweak the weapons cam forward to compensate for the new fov

zeds are practically blind and react to sound more than anything else
they will move to the source of sound (at the moment that's footsteps and weapons fire)
if they see(you're in front of them within 10m) you they will lock on to you and follow when you are out of view they still move toward the direction you were last seen at unless they can hear you or see another target they will then stop so if you shoot and then crouch walk away (to remain quite) they will all travel to the same location as there all hearing the same sound

the reason i have programed them like this is so they interact with teams in a specific way

reload anim is not setup correctly ill look into it

I've got a new map in the works with a lot more space and should actually be a good mp play
offline Till Administrator
08.12.2017, 18:20
ok just tried your fixes answers

thanks for the answer regarding the zeds that makes sense now :-)
fps doesn,t drop if you lower the settings but still using 92% of gpu at anysetting just to max at 62fps which is fine but would expect lower gpu usage at lower settings :-)
offline oz
08.12.2017, 20:24
yeah im not sure whats happening there its def smoother but still hitting to hi on gpu
may be a tessellation issue ill do more digging

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